Virtual Wine Tasting

"Around the World in 80 Minutes"
Grab your “Palate Passport” and join us for a fun, interactive, and educational musical wine tasting journey that takes us “Around the world in 80 minutes!” Choose from 3 different stops you want to take around the world, and we’ll send you a hand-selected bottle of wine from each of your chosen regions. Each pairing is brought together in full-sensory harmony by carefully chosen musical selections to reflect the essence and personality of each tasting element 


The event includes fun trivia, maps, pictures, and stories to guide our journey around the world. Each guest will receive the tasting elements delivered straight to their door, and we’ll join together on Zoom for an exciting, tasty, and joy-filled experience that activates all your five senses!


Choose 3 countries to visit on our trip: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, United States (CA, OR, WA)