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Chief Information Officers are now tasked with driving value throughout the organization, pushing IT leaders into a more strategic role. Our community includes CIO's, Vice Presidents of Technology, Vice Presidents of Information Technology, as well as other senior executives.
With today's increased risk to an organizations customer data and intellectual property, the Chief Information Security Officer is under increased pressure to keep this information protected. ABM's community includes CISO's, Chief Security Architects, Chief Technology Officer, Vice Presidents of Information Technology, as well as other senior IT executives.


Globally, the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), sometimes referred to as the Finance Director, has transformed over the past decade due to the global financial crisis, rise of big data and the impact of social and digital media.

Human Capital

The role of HR is changing. Previously considered a support function, HR is now becoming a strategic partner in helping a company achieve its goals. A strategic approach to HR means going beyond the administrative tasks like payroll processing. Instead, managers need to think more broadly and deeply about how employees will contribute to the company’s success.

The Chief Marketing Officer has seen their role increase year over year with the rise of digital and multi-channel marketing as well as the increased role in overall company technology. ABM's vast group of marketers includes CMO's, Senior Vice Presidents of Marketing, CDO's, Heads/Directors of Social Media and Digital Strategy, and senior marketing executives.


As every company becomes a technology company -- and technologycompanies continue to innovate and expand their reach -- the role of CTOs, CIOs and other technology executives are changing. 

CTOs are becoming innovation officers, security leaders, and core components of business-minded decisions as the technology on offer takes center stage.


What People are Saying

“The ABM team hosted outstanding executive event with diverse industry leaders.  The platform provided extended knowledge and expertise valuable for everyday problems.  It was a great networking events that will help all of us.  Thank you ABM for inviting me to be part of it”  - CTO, Amazon

A paradigm shift has occurred in enterprise B2B marketing, bringing with it new strategies and a wide array of questions about how to successfully execute what has come to be know as Account Based Marketing. Companies from the Fortune 500 down to VC-backed startups are embracing ABM models and looking to align resources behind this more targeted approach in an effort to:

  • Identify and focus efforts on a tiered group of key accounts

  • Create meaningful engagements with buyer personas across the demand unit

  • Accelerate pipeline

  • Provide coverage throughout opportunity lifecycles


These methods are a critical response to the emerging trend of longer and slower enterprise purchasing cycles, as well as the increasing complexity of technology sales in the era of digital transformation. ABM Media group can help!


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